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 Friend code/ temporary friend finder

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PostSubject: Friend code/ temporary friend finder   Tue Oct 28, 2008 6:39 am

This is a list of all the brawl friendcodes from players.
or at least the ones that posted them here

To keep this thread free of "wow that was laggy" please PM the person you want to add, to invite him to add you back.
you can ask for each others e-mail to ask for a match and get started.
let's keep this free of spam or this thread will look like the belgium thread in no time.

You might want to check if it's still the correct code. a lot of people put their code up when they got an import brawl. if you got the good version by now, let me know and I'll change the code.

Making a new match
1.Post your requirements and the time you want to play and the time you are available so people know when you can play.
2. Wait for a pm or visitor message
3. Once one comes up set up the match using visitor messages or PMs
4. Once you have found your match edit your original to "match found" or try to update post in someway to show you have found a match so people don't start PM you after you start playing.

5. looking for a open match
1. Look at a open challenge
2. See If it fits your needs make sure you agree with all their requirements
3. PM or personal message the person at the current time they want to play
4. Tell them your friend code
5. Once the match is set up use the visitor or Pm system for chat
6. Make sure you are their on time don't be late

If your having problems getting a response for your Match look at the thread to see if anyone else looking for a match meets your requirements. If find one just make sure to change your original post to match found so you don't get challenges while your already playing.

For making a match make sure you look at the people looking for matches before you make a new one. If nobody meets your requirements then you should make a new post

Friend codes

name : istudying
FC : 2449-6987-3228
Country: The Netherlands
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PostSubject: Re: Friend code/ temporary friend finder   Sun May 17, 2009 1:01 pm

Name: M4GE
FC : 3093-6760-4545
Country: United States, East Coast.
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Friend code/ temporary friend finder
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