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 how to download and use project64 1.6 (for all the nintendo64 games)

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PostSubject: how to download and use project64 1.6 (for all the nintendo64 games)   Sun Nov 16, 2008 3:39 am

hi its pimmalage!
i thought it would be a good idea to show people how to download and use project64 because most of you like all the old games...and its simple! Razz

first if you dont have project64 go to this link
when it loads up click the dowload button and download your file...once that is done open were your file is saved and open the setup.

when the wondow opens click "run" then "next", then on this part make sure the "modify" box is clicked then save it to your hard-drive.
then simply install it

when its done you will either have a shortcut on your desktop of you will have to browse through "all programs" on the "start" button either way open it up and you will have a the moment this is pretty useless so what you need to do is get some "ROMS" <---these are bacically game cartridges but saved to your computer. to get these go to:

when you open up this site you may get an ad at the start just go underneath the ad and click somthing like "continue to emuparadise"

**before you start downloading "ROMS" make a folder on desktop called "roms" you will see why later**

when the site loads scroll down and pick a letter, in this case im going to use "zelda oot" so click opn the "z" then on that page scroll down till you find it when you have click on "file01" and it sould go to a new page, depending were you are (europe or USA) click on the one witch has you reigion and save it to your "ROMS" file on desktop.

when it has downloaded open "ROMS" file on desktop and you will ahve a "RAR" file (if you cant open this because you dont have winRAR go to:
and click the first one called "WinRAR 3.80"

then download it.....when its done open it and install it after you cliked install a new page will come up what you do is just click "ok" and thne click "done"

when its installed go back to your "ROMS" file and right-click the zelda oot file and click "extract here" when that is done go and open up your "project64 1.6" if you dont see the game in the list go to "file" then "choose ROM directory..." and browse through and find your "ROMS" folder on your desktop and open it then it sould be in the list, double click it and there you go its done!!

i suggest you get a USB controller and set that up on your comp for best play, or just stick to the keyboard
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how to download and use project64 1.6 (for all the nintendo64 games)
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